Lennys Grill & Subs Franchise Spotlight: Meet Our Successful Owners

The restaurant world is full of companies that last for a brief period before slowly fizzling away. Part of that is due to the ever-evolving landscape of fast-casual dining, which makes it challenging for businesses to keep up. However, companies with a successful and dedicated leadership team and passionate owners, like Lennys Grill & Subs, tend to thrive. Together, these individuals work together to create an amazing experience for customers.

Here are just a handful of people who have helped play a pivotal role in Lennys’ success:

Michael Gatewood

One successful franchisee is Michael Gatewood, who has successfully scaled to own two locations in Memphis, TN. He was drawn to Lennys because it was in his community while growing up and he enjoyed the high quality of ingredients and menu items, as well as the company’s reputation for superior customer service.

Gatewood has also discovered that owning a Lennys Grill & Subs franchise has helped foster deeper community relationships. He loves getting to know those around him at a deeper level. He is passionate about working with his team and ensuring his presence up front as much as possible.

Julie Jackson

Julie Jackson owns a Lennys Grill & Subs in Pascagoula, MS. She discovered her love for the company after her brother got into the restaurant business. Not only does Jackson run a successful franchise, but she does so in a way that makes her employees excited to come to work every day. Her mission is to create a respectful, empowering, and fun environment for staff. And she shows up every day to make that happen.

Jackson believes strongly in leading by example, holding high standards, inspiring other female entrepreneurs, and building community support. She works hard to make a difference in her local community while ensuring her location’s success.

Trina Ueal

Another successful Lennys Grill & Subs franchisee is Trina Ueal, who owns a location in Grapevine, TX, with her husband, Michael. She took the brave leap from corporate HR to franchisee and never looked back. Ueal loves getting to know her customers and working in customer-facing roles, where she can better support her staff.

She is passionate about serving high-quality food and offering best-in-class customer service. Ueal is a dedicated and passionate owner who shows her kids that with enough passion and hard work, you can make your dreams come true.

One of the things Ueal wants other entrepreneurs to know is that mistakes will be made. But how you overcome those and persevere is what matters the most!

Strong Leadership

Owners like Gatewood, Jackson, and Ueal are dedicated and incredible owners who strive to lead their teams and locations to a high degree of success. One of the reasons they can focus on such clear goals is thanks to a stellar leadership team. With a leader like CEO Charley Shin, at the helm, Lennys franchisees can spend more time driving improvements at their locations.

The Lennys Grill & Subs leadership team works hard to build and maintain a successful business model for their franchisees. This work is critical in a continuously growing industry. Based on recent data from IBISWorld, the sandwich and sub restaurant industry has grown by an average of 1.8% annually since 2018. While it is a relatively small growth, it is consistent, which means dedicated Lennys owners can grow and scale their locations.

Would you like to invest in a Lennys Grill & Subs franchise? We would love to talk with you about our amazing opportunities! Our experienced team members are here to help. Contact us today to see if Lennys is a good fit for you!

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