We answer your questions about investing in our beloved sandwich franchise

What makes Lennys a smart investment?
Lennys is one of the most exciting opportunities to hit the sandwich franchise industry in a long time. As a young brand with over 100 locations open or in development, our exceptional food and commitment to being an industry leader in customer service, is winning us the hearts of sandwich lovers across the Southeastern and South Central United States. Our low costs to invest, as well as our high profit potential, is inspiring entrepreneurs to franchise with Lennys at a rapid pace. In the next five years, Lennys expects to double the size of our franchise network to 200 locations in the Southeastern and South Central states. If you’re an entrepreneur who is just as passionate about owning the best sandwich shop in your community as you are about taking care of people, Lennys is the right business for you.

What are the financial qualifications to open a Lennys?
Lennys requires a total net worth of $300,000 to qualify for franchise ownership, with a minimum of $150,000 in liquid capital.

What is the franchise fee?
$25,000 for a single-unit franchise agreement.  We offer incentives to those who sign multi-unit development agreements and to all veterans. Please ask us to learn more.

How much are the royalty and advertising fees?
The royalty fee is 6%, with an additional 2% advertising fee.

Do I need restaurant experience in order to become a Lennys franchise owner? 
Although restaurant experience is preferred, Lennys does not require franchisees to have any prior experience in the restaurant industry. Our training is one of the most robust in the entire QSR segment, and our management team is entirely committed to your success. This makes Lennys a great fit for experienced restaurateurs and first-time entrepreneurs alike.

Where is Lennys looking to grow?
Lennys thrives in the Southeastern and South Central United States, where we have a strong brand presence and loyal customer following. We are focused on growth in states where we currently have restaurants operating, including Florida, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

What makes a good location?
Lennys is committed to helping our franchisees find the location with the strongest potential for long-term success. We use a wealth of information to determine which location is the best fit in any market, and our main criteria is a large daytime population, which is why you often find Lennys restaurants located near hospitals, business districts, and colleges. We seek to place our restaurants where there is a high daytime employment of at least 4,000 people working within 1 mile of our locations, as well as a residential population of 20,000 or higher within 2 miles. We seek to place our locations where the average income of the area is at least $50,000. Our typical location is an endcap design with a drive-thru, though our footprint is flexible, and Lennys can fit well in an in-line location, a converted restaurant, or as a free-standing restaurant. Our executive team will help you through the entire process of securing your location, advising you about your lease agreement, helping with build-out and construction and preparing for your grand opening!

Does Lennys provide financing?
While Lennys does not offer direct financing, we do work with a number of third-party financial institutions that may be able to help you with financing.

What kind of training does Lennys provide to new franchisees?
Lennys offers hands-on training in one of our certified training restaurants for four weeks, plus an additional week at Lennys University in Memphis. We enhanced our training to make franchising a Lennys more inclusive, accommodating both those with significant restaurant experience and those without any restaurant experience at all. We’re proud to say that our training is one of the most robust in the entire industry and unique to Lennys. It includes ongoing support with financial performance goals to ensure that your new business continues to thrive.

What type of support does Lennys provide to new franchisees?
Lennys has a devoted team dedicated to support you from the moment you join our family as a franchisee, through store opening and beyond. We help you identify and secure real estate, manage the construction process and build-out, provide new store opening plans, assist with on-going operations, marketing and training support, as well as provide in-house IT support. Our #1 focus is franchisee success, and our team is fully dedicated to helping you achieve this.

What makes Lennys different from other sub shops?
Lennys is a unique sandwich concept on the market. Beginning with our beloved sandwiches, we choose all of our ingredients with extreme care in order to provide our guests with the quality they deserve. In addition, our menu has expanded to include healthier and vegetarian options such as salads and wraps, as well as delicious grilled items such as our world famous Philly Cheesesteak, Italian sausage, Hot Italian and more. Lennys also leads the industry in customer service. All of our guests are warmly greeted and checked on while they eat, which has led to an increase in customer visits and sales.

What steps do I need to complete to franchise with Lennys?
Franchising with Lennys is an easy process. To get started, request information on this site by completing the form, and a representative will reach out to you shortly. Or simply call us at (901) 753-4002. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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