Single-Unit or Multi-Unit: Which Type of Franchise Is Right for You?

When you’re looking to invest in a franchise, there can be a number of important questions for you to answer. You might be concerned about financing your endeavor. Perhaps you’re looking into several food franchises and you can’t decide which makes the most sense for you. Whatever your questions, remember that every franchise owner started exactly where you are now. Lennys is here to help answer some of those questions. 

Our franchise experts at Lennys Grill & Subs have helped countless franchisees over the years and we’re just getting started. One of the biggest questions we ask franchisees is: are you looking at investing in one franchise or would you be interested in a multi-unit franchise investment? Let’s take a look at both options for food franchise purchases so that you can decide which might be the right fit. 

Single-Unit Franchise

This form of franchise ownership is for the newbie investor or franchisee who doesn’t have the capital to spare. Single-unit franchises also work well for individuals who have little to no experience in the franchise investment space or don’t have enough time or money to invest in multiple units. For many beginning franchisees, the first one is the hardest with the biggest learning curve. We advise a single-unit purchase if it’s your first time investing in a franchise. 

Multi-Unit Franchise

If you’re looking into buying multiple franchise units, you’re probably an individual or team who has started a business in the past and understands what it takes to be successful. Since multi-unit franchise purchases take more work, planning, and financial backing, it’s important to be certain of your venture. Need advice? Reach out to us at Lennys! 

No matter whether you want to purchase a single unit or a multi-unit, you can’t go wrong when you choose a Lennys Grill & Subs franchise to invest in. We’re here to answer all your franchise questions and we can walk you through the steps. 

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